6. Choose your education methods

Chose the methods that work for your unique area

Every area is unique... What works for some, doesn't work for others.
Outposts —

Sometimes called safety information tables, outposts work well because they provide in-person discussions adapted to each individual. However, they are labor intensive, and each one reaches a limited number of people. To be most effective, they should be done frequently enough to reinforce your message. Also, they should include representatives from all user groups along with a ranger or docent. Remember, people learn best from members of their own user group!

An information table is also a great way to hand out your flyers and brochures, especially to those who don’t hang around for a chat.

A canope with table display, people, bikers and horses.

Social Media —

Perhaps the only way to reach certain demographics within the population, social media is growing more important and has become the default communication method for many. If you are unfamiliar with how to use social media, find someone who is. It’s a requirement in today’s world.

Tri-Fold Brochures, Posters and Other Graphics —
Generic brochure

Brochures are an effective component of most programs. The generic “Slow & Say Hello” brochure can be used to help you design your own, or you can simply add your name and the logos of your sponsors. Click the image here to download a pdf file of our generic brochure.

See our Branding page for more information on how you can access all the ‘Slow and Say Hello’ graphic files.

Presentations to User Groups —

Presentations to user groups can be important to gain support among the various trail users. It’s essential that all user groups feel the program is even-handed and no one is being portrayed as “the bad guy.”

Tails & Tires Workshop —

“Tails & Tires” is a safety class designed for high school mountain bike racing teams. It consists of a 90-minute outside session broken into three segments, covering the physiology of horses, what causes horses to spook, safe passing techniques for both bikers and equestrians and much more. More Info >>

Newspaper Articles —

Articles in local newspapers are still a great way to reach many people quickly. Be sure to include quotes from a variety of user types in support of your program.