8. Develop a multi-year implementation plan

Any Trail Safety and Resource Protection Plan is an Ongoing Effort

Implementing a trail safety plan is not a one and done project! The initial effort might be the hardest part, but plan on your program being a permanent component of overall land management.

Budget —

A relatively modest budget is necessary to print flyers, purchase branded pop-ups and tablecloths, and other SWAG for outposts. If you choose to use the Trail Quiz or other attention catchers, having inexpensive branded items at your outpost helps. Ten years ago, our group got started with several donations of $500 each from other trail related local organizations. Once we developed the outline of our program, the local land managers provided the bulk of our donations.

Volunteers —

…are important! Remember, people learn best from others in their own trail user group. Volunteers also develop support from their respective clubs or organizations.

Phased Rollout —

Depending on the size and complexity of your public lands, you might be better served with a phased rollout of your program. If you begin in one area, and people like what you’re doing, they will advocate for, and help expand it, to other areas.