Trail Quiz

A trail quiz engages your audience

Our early experience with reaching out to trail users about safety was frustrating.

We set up an information table and when we mentioned safety, most people said they already knew about safety and didn’t have the time to talk with us. We needed a new approach.

What doesn’t work

Trying to tell people about safety and resource protection.

What does work

Challenging people to “pass” a short quiz about safety to win a prize.

We developed several trail quizzes that are designed to engage people and get them to think.  The results are impressive. Most people, after getting the first question or two wrong, feel challenged and want to hear more. Many of these encounters last 15-20 minutes and end with the person thanking us and saying they learned a lot. We offer a prize to everyone, but only about half of the people actually take one.

We have compiled several different types of quizzes in one document for you to download (Word or PDF format). These quizzes reflect the wildlife, other animals and terrain found in Northern California, so they can be modified to suit your needs.

Quiz – Word format (download)

Quiz – PDF format (view & download)

Sample Quiz

QWhen you approach a horse and rider on the trail, on which side should you pass?
AAsk the Rider
QHow can you visit a trail and not have an impact on the animals and plants that live there?
AWe cannot but here’s how to be respectful:
  • Leave No trace
  • Understand you are not alone – acknowledge other visitors
  • Don’t tune out – if you must wear ear buds try to wear only one
  • Respect the speed limits
  • Be mindful of the animals whose home you are visiting
QAfter passing through a ranch gate, should you leave it open or closed?
ALeave it the way you found it.
QWhen you encounter a puddle completely across the trail, what should you do? Go around the puddle or through it?
AThrough it – going around it widens the trail